T.C.S. provides work-zone safety while abiding by the law at all times. By conducting business according to the rules and regulations set forth by the M.U.T.C.D., we ensure our clients safety in the workplace. 

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop safety procedures that give us the ideal results while working on the road.

T.C.S. has many avenues to ensure our employees are safe. We have regular mandatory safety meetings, set up and training classes. Daily safety check lists, site safety checks and a safety staff working the field to ensure we are following all rules.

In short, Safety is our M.O., we are focused and dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients and employees alike.

Safety Site Checks

Traffic Control Services conducts live traffic, set up and take down site safety checks by a trained site safety supervisor. Additionally all traffic control is supported by management at all times to ensure traffic control is set up properly. Adaptability in the field is a major factor for us as every road is different but the level of safety needs to remain at a constant no failure standard.

Site safety checks occur on a regular weekly basis and by request at any point. Please feel free to call our office for inquiries.


All of the employees at T.C.S. are required to wear the appropriate personnel protective equipment for the job. From standard issue hard hats and whistles to class 3 vests and shirts to cover both day and night time work.

T.C.S. prides itself by going above and beyond the regulations for P.P.E set forth by the MUTCD and maximize our visibility and safety.

We provide the P.P.E. required by state law to all of our employees for every job.