Is T.C.S. licensed, bonded and Insured?

Yes, T.C.S. has been licensed bonded and insured for over 20 years in Washington state.

What is the MUTCD?

The MUTCD is the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, it is the regulatory book that covers all scenarios in the R.O.W. (Right of Way) and how to handle them in a safe and legal way. A good traffic controller will know this book's uses and traffic control devices to set up work zones of all types in and around the road.

Do I need a permit to work in the road?

Yes, you do need a permit from whatever city or town that regulates the roadway you are attempting to work on. We can help draw a Traffic Control Plan for you to submit to that city or municipality in order to get a permit. We will help you get a TCP ready but the contact to obtain an R.O.W. permit has to come from company that will be issued the permit.

If T.C.S. works for us on a job one day how do we agree on how long they worked and how much we will be charged?

Everyday each individual flagger will be asked to get signed out by the foreman on the jobsite. Each day you will get a copy of the flagger's timecard and you will be able to estimate your total cost from these documents.

Where do I get my bill for services rendered?

In every case we will offer 30 day net terms for all billing. You will be required to fill out a credit application for our records. Once you are approved for net 30 terms, you qualify for the duration of that calendar year. However, we also accept credit cards.

Is T.C.S. Union?

Can T.C.S. even work with union companies or people? No, T.C.S. is not union but we can and will work with the union to get a job completed.

I need two flaggers tomorrow, how do I order them and can I get them with such short notice?

In order you schedule flaggers you would need to call the office and speak with our dispatcher. We do our very best to get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

How can I get a job with T.C.S.?

You can apply right here on our website or you can submit your resume and cover letter to You can also call our office directly to hear about our current opportunities.