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Providing Traffic Control (T.C.) and Flagging. T.C.S services for over 20 years.

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Traffic Control Supervisors

T.C.S. employs the best and most knowledgeable supervisors in the industry. Our crew of T.C.S.'s have years of experience maintaining all types of Traffic Control at jobsites large and small. In addition, they have extensive experience with local municipalities and inspectors.

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Rolling Slowdowns

Traffic Control on freeways requires a lot of organization, planning and execution. T.C.S. has been executing rolling slowdowns on local Washington freeways for years. Some of the roadways we have direct experience on include. (I-5, I-90, I-405, I-522, I-520, I-167, 512, 410)

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Equipment Rental

T.C.S. also provides all the equipment of a barricade company but better as we will provide equipment, set-up, maintenance and take down. All the Traffic Control services you need to complete work in the Right of Way.

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T.C.S. provides traffic control from top to bottom which includes the set-up at traffic control devices. T.C.S. employs trained set personnel. The set-up personnel are trained on guidelines that go far beyond the current Washington State requirements. 

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Traffic Control Plans

T.C.S. has a team of professional Traffic Control Plan designers. We can put together plans for clients with speed and our quality guarantee. Once you hire us to create your T.C.P. we will see it through to the end with you no matter how many revisions they may need.

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Traffic Control Service's core business is our people. Our flaggers and supervisors bring a sense of professionalism and knowledge of safety that rivals that of any Traffic Controllers in the state. T.C.S. 

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Outstanding service! TCS's and flaggers are very professional and came fully equipped to handle any job needed at any time day or night.

Tim McCorkle
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